Build up your digital collection with us!

Securely store your digitized resources, and take advantage of AI enhanced functionality with our Digital Package.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to manage your electronic resources?  Would you like your digital library to have that ‘wow’ factor?!  Softlink has the answer…  Liberty is the perfect solution to store your digital content, either as a full digital library, or alongside your physical resources.

And with our Go Digital Package, you’ll be able to make more digital resources available to your users in a cost-effective bundle.

Make your digital collection – Ready… Set… Go!

Our Digital Modules bundle gives you even more value with:

  • More secure storage in the cloud!

  • More copyright options!

  • Options for enhancing metadata!

Go Digital Package modules includes:


While we can’t do anything about the cost of digital resources, we can do something about storage costs! Our module makes mass digitization an affordable option. Access cheaper data storage and enable more digital content for your users! Our MKR option provides a cost effective way to meet your need for secure, additional storage space. No need to buy and manage a server or beg for more space on your organization’s existing servers.


Softlink’s Liberty Link mobile app now includes the optional AI Enhance feature. It enables your staff to photograph a document, page, abstract, or anything else you can imagine. The metadata automatically uploads to the catalog record. It imports an enhanced source of searchable information for your catalog!


This module allows your staff to configure copyright statements for digital resources. Tracking users who have accepted copyright to enable them to downloaded files and documents. It makes managing copyright a breeze.

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