About Us


Softlink specializes in knowledge, content and library management systems and request management systems for special, education, government and corporate information centers and libraries.  Softlink also provides digital asset management and equipment tracking and lending systems. Our solutions are offered as SaaS, locally installed or fully hosted.

Our leading solutions integrate with the latest digital technologies (including mobile, tablet and e-reader technology) providing a centralized performance platform to manage, discover and deliver your physical and digital assets.

At Softlink, we understand your needs can be as unique as your organization.  Softlink solutions are developed and supported by teams of experienced librarians, information and resource managers and expert knowledge management development professionals.


I had no concerns when upgrading to Liberty, the Softlink team took care of everything from implementation to data conversion. Liberty was up and running to begin using from day one with no issues.

Allison Jackson

Librarian, World Wide Fund for Nature

The search functionality in Liberty has meant researching information is much easier for staff, scientists and students. They no longer need to search separate databases but can find exactly what they need instantly in one search in Liberty.

Liz Pritchard

Librarian, The Pirbright Institute

I have used Liberty in previous workplaces, and have been impressed by the system’s ease of use and its stability compared to other systems.

Lorraine Lees

Librarian, Boston University

We have been using Liberty for 10 years and find the customer support really helpful. Responses are timely and efficient and it’s great that Softlink targets the specific needs of its customers.

Ani Dragomirova

Catalog & Library Services Specialist, Mayer Brown LLP

Softlink staff provide the kind of attention to detail that make the difference between Softlink and other vendors. With Softlink you don’t just learn how the program works. You learn how to make it work for you. I couldn’t do my job today without illumin.

Eric Goodman

Library Director, Appraisal Institute

Softlink has always been a great vendor to work with, they are very responsive and always interested in finding a solution to our unique needs.

Sarah Bennett

Director of Library Services, Sullivan & Worcester