In today’s digital age, the preservation and organization of archival materials have become more crucial than ever. Whether you’re managing a vast collection of historical documents, art, or digital assets, the challenge remains the same: how to efficiently store, access, and safeguard your valuable history. Liberty Digital offers a groundbreaking solution that merges flexibility with functionality, allowing you to customize your archival process like never before. Designed to support both digital and physical collections, the system provides a seamless experience that ensures your archives are preserved, accessible, and displayed exactly as you envision.

Step into the future of archive management, where your unique collection can be organized and celebrated, tailored precisely to your needs and preferences.

Versatile Cataloguing

Catalog any file type — whether it’s images, podcasts, e-books, or audiobooks—with ease, creating a rich and diverse digital collection.

AI Metadata Assistant

Leverage the power of AI to enrich your library records, making them more accurate, detailed, and searchable and saving you time.

Document Security

Protect sensitive information with advanced user roles, ensuring that your records are safe from unauthorized access

Dashboard Insights

Gain actionable insights into your library’s operations with detailed dashboard operations including downloads, storage usage, and file types.

Intuitive Browsing of Digital Collections

Navigate digital collections effortlessly with our intuitive browsing features, making it easier for users to explore and discover.


Liberty Digital is scalable, meaning it can grow and adapt as the library’s needs evolve. Whether a library expands its collection, diversifies its services, or increases its user base, Liberty Digital can accommodate these changes.


A great product that is flexible to work with.  The support (and speed of the support) is great too.

Hospital Librarian, Southern District Health Board, New Zealand

[Liberty] does the job we need it for. I am always impressed with the customer service -- it is of high quality and speedy.

Patrick Keegan

Librarian and VLE Administrator, Independent College Dublin

Convenient, WISISWG. Greatly appreciated Jeovanny's expertise and support!

Heather Collins

Library Manager, American Academy of Family Physicians

Great product and great customer service. Easy to use and has a lot of functionality and features.

Suzanne Lester

Research Librarian, BRANZ Ltd

Great, flexible LMS with knowledgeable and willing support team ensuring we get the best from the system relative to our changing needs.

Carol Moran

Library Manager, Australian Dental Association – NSW Hardwick Memorial Library

I have used Liberty in previous workplaces, and have been impressed by the system’s ease of use and its stability compared to other systems.

Lorraine Lees

Librarian, Boston University Sydney

It’s kept our reference requests organized, the assignment feature is great and I love uploading documents to keep them all together in one place.

Sarah Bennett

Immediate Past Director of Library Services, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Liberty provided a cost effective solution for a busy medical library on a tight budget.

Alison Clapp

Immediate Past Library Director, Children's Hospital Boston

Simple, effective library system with good support.

Simon Kaddissi

Learning Support Manager, North Sydney, Australia, Canterbury Institute of Management

Softlink’s Liberty represented great value for us as a small library.

Michael Wiebrands

ICT Project Officer, VisAbility

The training was very useful as it was targeted to my specific needs.

Melissa Mills

Library Technical, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers

We have been using Liberty since a few years now. It is user-friendly with several functions enabling us to record and promote our resources to our patrons.

Sharda Fulena

Head Librarian, Mauritius Institute of Education

We wanted a LMS that represented the future direction of The Gordon and its Library.

Anthea Taylor

Retired Institute Librarian of Knowledge Management, Gordon Institute of TAFE - City Campus