illumin is the perfect tool for knowledge and research management as it collects, records, quantifies and précis’s queries and answers provided to staff and clients. The knowledge base becomes a comprehensive, audited database of relevant information that can be easily shared.

Flexible Request and Response Management

illumin has a robust request management interface, featuring:

  • Multiple ways to generate and respond to requests
  • A searchable knowledge base that retains all information passed through the system
  • Email alerts to notify requesters and researchers of any updates made to their requests
  • The ability to subscribe to requests in progress
  • Unlimited custom forms and fields to capture the information you need
  • Responses that may include rich text, multimedia, web resources and attachments

Increase Productivity and Streamline Management

illumin helps streamline your research and protects your organization’s valuable knowledge:

  • At-a-glance and summary reports can be viewed and downloaded to determine service quality, staff efficiency and workload
  • Priority and sensitive requests can be marked for attention. Sensitive requests cannot be accessed by other users, except the requester, researcher and team leader
  • Stopwatch feature accurately tracks time spent researching and providing responses
  • Email integration is supported at every step of the request workflow
Powerful search features for finding your valuable knowledge, including faceted search and predictive text for quick retrieval of relevant information


Have all your organization’s valuable information in one central knowledge, base making it easy to find


Drag & drop analytical reporting with clear visual reports generated from illumin. Schedule your reports to run automatically


Full Text Search
Search all the fields within your knowledge base, including any information within your electronic resources such as Word or PDF documents
Customizable Interface
Highly configurable page elements and layouts to display the information relevant to you and your research team
Reporting & Analytics
Create custom, detailed reports to focus on areas important to you. Schedule reports and have them sent directly to your inbox
Single Sign-on
Support for Single Sign-on (SSO) means secure and convenient access to your research without being asked to login
Cloud Hosting
Reliable and secure certified T4 hosting facilities are available for hassle-free setup and access via the cloud. Self-hosted setups are also supported
Integration Options
Advanced email integration and workflow helps manage incoming requests.  A full Web JSON API is also available for integration with web forms
Free Training
Softlink conducts several free training sessions throughout the year, including face to face group training and online sessions. Plus free user groups and webinars for all supported customers
First Class Support
Access to a support team comprised of qualified professionals who understand your processes and related technologies. Support is available via online chat, Email or phone


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Does Your Library or Research System Provide Integration Options?

Integrating a library management or request and research system with third-party solutions can have a huge impact on efficiency and user experiences. Liberty and illumin offer a wide range of integrations to help manage resources, requests and research.

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