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A Rap Recap of a Memorable Year

Alex the Alpaca in a lane with graffiti

As the year draws to a close, prepare to embark on a tour through some of our highlights for 2023 curated exclusively for you on our blog. We’re putting a unique spin on year-end reflections with a lyrical finale—so settle in for a special ‘rap-up’ to the year you never saw coming!

Softlink hits 40, a tech saga so grand,
From DOS interfaces to AI’s new land.
In 2023, answering every tech call,
Pushing boundaries, we won’t stall.

2023, a year of tech flair,
Liberty’s dashboard, a fresh new air.
File control changes, Liberty Link’s app enhancement,
Streamlining work, a digital advancement.

Illumin’s glow with taxonomy finesse,
Linked fields, request rules, a data process success.
2023, innovation’s new heights,
Liberty and Illumin, lighting up digital nights.

From NZLLA to BIALL, cheers across the sea,
AALL in Boston, the best place to be,
Softlink’s journey, a story to decree,
In webinars and UGMs, they’re the key.

Liberty v5 Bootcamps, knowledge in flight,
From basics to serials, they light up the night.
Illumin basics, a tech delight,
Softlink’s power, burning bright.

As this rap wraps, a big thank you we send,
To our loyal customers, on whom we depend.
Forty years of support, our gratitude we extend,
With you by our side, Softlink’s journey never ends!