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5 Reasons Businesses Need Librarians

Information on the web may be easy to find quickly. But is it the information your organization needs? Is it from a valid source, up-to-date and accurate? Is it applicable to the organization’s requirements? That is what a librarian, using a functionally rich library management system (LMS) or research system will deliver efficiently. Organizations need librarians to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment.

1. Don’t risk using false or incorrect information

Librarians know how to find the most reliable and valid information efficiently. They:

  • Subscribe to applicable databases.
  • Have access to useful sites, from law courts and societies to industry organizations.
  • Complete research requests.
  • Are trained to evaluate and filter information.
  • Direct users to the most reliable, appropriate options.

Organizations cannot afford to make decisions based on faulty information. It is not only embarrassing; it can negatively impact the business. Librarians a major asset for organizations in a competitive environment. The advantages to having their expertise on hand are endless.

2. Risks with employee’s use of the internet

Most employees rely on the internet to do their work. Technology can safeguard against some risks such as viruses. However, that doesn’t protect against the use of information they find. Other issues include:

  • Copyright infringement. Many are unaware of restriction to use of content that appears to be freely available.
  • Research projects provide links to other sites. This can result in accessing irrelevant information or waste time.
  • The inadvertent downloading of malware by clicking on a seemingly legitimate link.
  • Poor decision making based on outdated information. The result? Lost business opportunities or legal liability.

3. Librarians curate, organize, analyze, and summarize

The web contains oceans of information. Charting a way through takes skill and know how. And it’s not just external information. Organizations create their own knowledge. Organizing and sharing knowledge requires skilled management. Organizations need librarians and knowledge managers to provide those skills. They know:

  • Where to source and how to deploy information sources. They include databases and journal subscriptions best suited to the organization.
  • How to manage and share the organization’s digital assets. They include reports, case files, and research papers.
  • How to complete required research efficiently and cost effectively.
  • How to complete and distribute business intelligence research.
  • Analyze information and create reports. This includes budget tracking, time research tasks, and resource usage by employees and departments.

4. A special librarian is a great return on investment

So how do librarians with the right LMS deliver a great return on your investment? It’s all about efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, law firms, hospitals, and engineering companies ensure they have the required specialists. Do they need accurate, appropriate information sourced, managed, securely stored, and shared? Of course they do, but that’s not their area of expertise. It is for a librarian. They are as important a business asset as a lawyer, doctor, or engineer.

Other return on investment benefits include having a specialist who:

  • Can organize, integrate, and deliver appropriate digital and non-digital content.
  • Collaborates with the organization’s teams to Increase business and revenue opportunities.
  • Minimizes business risks.
  • Can develop and manage budgets that support the organization’s knowledge objectives.
  • Knows how and where to focus information services based on business needs and available budgets.
  • Can assess and negotiate vendor contracts.
  • Can implement information tools and technology to maximise outcomes.

Timely and sound business decisions depend on valid and reliable information. Librarians collaborate with other personnel to ensure that information is available.

5. Cost-effective allocation of employee resources

When you have the right person doing the right job, increased productivity, and cost efficiencies result. A lawyer, doctor or engineer is not hired for their knowledge management skills.

Every organization needs a librarian or knowledge manager armed with a great LMS. They work for and with the organization’s staff. Librarians and knowledge managers free up your employees to do what they do best all, of the time.


Business leaders recognize the need for information and research specialists. They enable their busy, high-income earners to maximise their time.
The benefits increase when librarians are teamed with a cutting edge LMS like Liberty, or illumin, a research management system. It is the best investment organizations can make. As we all know, time is money!