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6 Ways to Promote the Value of your Library! Number 6 WON’T Shock You!

Promoting the value of your library is a necessity these days. While there are no doubt several actions you have already implemented to do so, we thought we’d give you a few more ideas!

1. Use Liberty

This one is a given. Provide your users with seamless access to knowledge, at their fingertips any time, day or night, on any device. It is the best investment you can make!

2. Statistical Reporting

Numbers! Graphs! The building blocks for any report to your managers. Being able to easily access the statistics of use on your Library resources, both physical and electronic, is invaluable. It demonstrates the real value of your library and the effort you put into maintaining your collections. It’s worth pointing out that with Liberty, you can also review trends in search activity. This means you’re only ever a report away from understanding what your users really need from their library.

3. Budget Tracking

“Show me the money”. That’s a phrase we’ve all been tempted to use! It is critical to be able to quickly and easily identify where your money is going and how its investment is paying off. Combining easy to digest budget reports with usage statistics is a sure-fire path to success!

4. Create an Information Hub

You could have all the resources in the world and unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. But if you don’t keep your users informed, what value does it really have? Once your information is available, promote it! A great OPAC is the “key” that opens up your valuable library to your users.

5. User Engagement/Case Studies

Facts and figures are great (and who doesn’t love a colorful graph that clearly demonstrates our value?). But, consider the value of success stories from users. They demonstrate an authentic connection between your tireless efforts and the user experience. So, communicate with your users. Find out what your library really means to them and promote their feedback.

6. YOU!

As Timothy Healy rightly points out, “The most important asset of any library goes home at night – the library staff.”.  We at Softlink IC couldn’t agree more!

The value of your library does not merely lie on shelves, or in documents, or on eBook readers or through a VR headset. Your efforts in maintaining your collection, assisting your users, and providing access to knowledge, in a plethora of formats, are irreplaceable.