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Let Our Helpdesk Level You Up

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At some point in our lives, we all encounter situations where a little assistance can go a long way. In the realm of libraries, the same holds true. As a Softlink IC customer using our integrated library management system Liberty, or our knowledge and research management software illumin, regardless of if you’re a newcomer seeking guidance or an experienced solo librarian in need of fresh ideas, our helpdesk is here to provide support and solutions. Let’s explore 5 outside the box reasons why you might want to reach out to our helpdesk.


5 Reasons to Contact the Helpdesk

1. You’re new to the library and don’t know where to start

Starting at a new library can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our helpdesk is the perfect resource to guide you through the initial stages. Whether you need assistance locating Liberty Help Guides, finding your way around the software, or organizing your “Welcome to Liberty” session, our knowledgeable team is here to provide a comprehensive orientation to Liberty.

2. You’re a solo librarian and need to bounce ideas off someone

Working alone as a librarian can sometimes feel isolating, especially when you’re seeking feedback or inspiration for new initiatives. Our helpdesk plays a crucial role in connecting solo librarians with professionals who share their passion and can offer valuable insights. We are always happy to be a sounding board for brainstorming ideas, offering suggestions, and sharing best practices to help you flourish in your role.


3. Your manager asked you for a last-minute report, and you have no idea how

We’ve all been there – tasked with an urgent report we have no clue how to tackle. When it comes to compiling reports or analyzing data, our helpdesk can point you in the right direction because there’s a very good chance one of Liberty’s over 400 built-in reports can help. If not, we’re still here to help! Don’t stress over tight deadlines or unfamiliar reporting requirements; let our experts provide the guidance you need.

4. I need to get more borrower engagement with the library – can you help?

Engaging borrowers and users is vital in today’s libraries. If you’re struggling to connect with your users or seeking innovative strategies to increase borrower engagement, our helpdesk is the perfect resource. We can provide some great resources (including using about implementing programs, leveraging social media, and utilizing technology to enhance your overall library experience.

5. Is there any way I could take a break and relax with some games?

In the midst of a busy day, taking short breaks to recharge can significantly boost productivity. Our helpdesk may be able to surprise you with a secret code to unlock a hidden easter egg game inside Liberty! We believe in the importance of work-life balance and are more than happy to help you discover the secret to allow you to unwind and reenergize.

Of course, there are some questions we can NOT help with, they include:

  • Do you have a plugin that telepathically determines what book I’m thinking of?
  • Is there a ‘find my lost library card’ GPS feature?
  • How do I download the ‘smell of old books’ scent from the software?

But seriously, no matter the reason, reaching out to our helpdesk can have a transformative effect on your experience with using Liberty or illumin. Whether you’re just starting out, seeking inspiration, facing a challenging task, craving a break, or aiming to boost borrower engagement, our team is dedicated to providing the support you need.

Our Customer Support crew is an essential part of our product – they’re just as important as any module or feature we deliver. They’re experts who understand our software inside out, and no question is too small or too big for us. Get in touch with our helpdesk today and witness the positive impact it can have on your library.