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Liberty Integrates with ClickView

Did you know that Liberty, Softlink’s library management system, integrates with ClickView? Well, it does and has for many years. If you have a subscription to ClickView it is as simple as activating the applicable ClickView search source in Liberty.

For those Liberty users who have a subscription to ClickView but have not activated the applicable source, read on!

Activate ClickView Source in Liberty

By default, there are over 500 Search Sources included in Liberty. If you have a subscription to ClickView, and use the Federated Search module, activate the applicable search source.

ClickView Federated Search sources

In the above screen example, there are search source options for ClickView Online and TV for Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

What is ClickView?

ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos for educational institutions. They provide relevant video content for use as an integral part of lectures whether delivered in class or online.


  • Curates and produces educational videos, enabling lecturers to create richer learning experiences.
  • Includes the Tertiary Library containing over 2,000 video titles. They are curated by leading content providers, or produced in their Melbourne production studio.
  • Provides easy access to current and contextual TV recordings from 18 Australian free-to-air TV channels. Find programmes, news, or documentaries relevant to your lectures with ClickView TV.
  • Enables easy embedding of videos within your learning management system and library software. Finding and sharing a video is only a few clicks away.
  • Provides interactive videos for formative assessment. Interactive videos boost student outcomes and engage students in higher order thinking.

By integrating ClickView with Liberty, patrons can search all your resources – no matter what format, in the one location. Check out Softlink’s explanatory video below.

For further assistance, contact a Liberty Support Specialist via the Customer Support link on the Softlink IC page.