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How Using QR Codes Can Transform your Library

Montage of QR codes

Are you ready to bring your library to the next level? Look no further than QR codes! As we embrace the digital age, libraries are constantly exploring innovative ways to showcase their services and collections to patrons. These nifty little squares can instantly connect patrons to a wealth of information about the library or knowledge center, events, collections, and so much more – all with a simple scan from their smartphone.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the wonders of QR codes and how they can benefit libraries of all shapes and sizes. These little pixelated wonders can revolutionize your library in these fabulous ways:

  • Linking to your library catalog: Say goodbye to the days of wandering around the library, lost and confused. With QR codes, users can whip out their smartphones or tablets and instantly access digital content or online resources. Websites like ShareMyLibrary enable librarians to create custom QR codes linking to the library homepage, resources or social media platforms for updates and engagement.
  • Promoting your collections: Whether it’s a physical book or a digital research database, QR codes can link patrons to additional resources like reviews, author bios, or related items, seamlessly promoting both physical and digital collections. Turn a set of results from Liberty into a QR code to share far and wide.Screenshot of QR code in Liberty
  • Enhancing Accessibility: QR codes give users seamless access to essential library details such as operating hours, services, and events. They also serve as a portal to digital resources, enabling swift downloads of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Turn your library into an engaging hub with QR codes and deploy them to provide access to multimedia content, location maps, and interesting facts about your library or knowledge center. Libraries have never been this exciting!
  • Tailored book recommendations: QR codes can direct users to tailored book suggestions, enhancing their reading experience and fostering a more personalized library visit. Liberty’s reading lists are the perfect candidates for a QR code. Once you’ve created your reading list in Liberty, use the ‘share’ option to create a QR code. Easy!
  • Event marketing: Promoting events is easier with QR codes linking to registration pages or event calendars, providing patrons with instant details and updates.
  • New users or borrowers: Tired of long queues and endless paperwork? QR codes are here to save the day! Streamline new user or borrower registration, feedback collection, and other pesky processes with these magical squares. Users and staff alike will rejoice in the newfound efficiency and smooth sailing user experience.

Embracing the use of QR codes, along with leveraging platforms such as ShareMyLibrary, can empower librarians to promote their library resources and services dynamically. By creating QR codes that connect patrons to your library’s website, events, digital resources, recommended resources, and more, you’ll efficiently highlight the rich array of offerings at your library. So, why hold back? Immerse yourself in the realm of QR codes, take ShareMyLibrary for a spin, and uncover the game-changing impact they could have on your library today!