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Why Our Customer Support Team Is Everything to Us

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At Softlink Information Centres, you probably know we provide library, knowledge and research management solutions. Our products, Liberty and illumin, are used by hundreds of businesses around the world from some of the largest multi-branch law firms to single branch non-profit organizations.

This blog will look at the ‘cherry-on-top’ of our products… our Customer Support team, who are as much a part of our product as any of the modules, features or enhancements we deliver.

Our Customer Support team members are trained to understand our products inside and out. They are qualified IT experts who understand what personalized service really means. Our support team members are in our offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States offering 24-hour support on business days. Our awesome customer support is no accident, today’s customer support superstars have been years in the making!

Jeovanny Rivera, Softlink IC’s Customer Support Manager for Europe and the Americas has been in the business of customer service for over 15 years. In that time, he’s learnt a thing or two about what it takes to create a team that can deliver amazing customer service.

“We want every customer to have an amazing experience with us, and we know that amazing customer service is essential to making that happen. We see customer service as being just as important as the software we produce – it’s a fundamental part of our product,” says Jeo.

Jeo bases much of his approach on the book Raving Fans, and he firmly believes that amazing customer service is essential and as much a part of the product as the software they produce. Raving Fans is written by Ken Blanchard and Heldon Bowles, and it’s all about creating customer service that turns your customers into raving fans.

What’s Important to Us?

“When I started at Softlink, each client was managed by our local support office, but now I’m proud to say that we have a global Customer Support team who are absolutely dedicated to providing an outstanding experience for our customers”. Jeo’s approach has certainly paid off!

“We aim to deliver the best outcome and exceed their expectations. It’s what sets us apart from the competition,” says Jeo.

Jeo and his team work hard to ensure every customer has a positive experience with Softlink. “We take the time to get to know our customers and their businesses. This allows us to provide them with the best possible service.”.

How Do We Do It?

Jeo says, “We’ve always strived to be a customer-centric organization, and I think that’s really what sets us apart from the competition. We’re always thinking about how we can go above and beyond for our customers, and it shows in the feedback we receive. “

He further adds, “One of the things I love about our team is that we’re always finding new ways to improve. We’re constantly brainstorming new ideas and trying out new things to see what works best. It’s really fun to see the results of our hard work pay off in the form of satisfied customers.”

“We always start with the question, ‘What would be the ideal solution for the customer?’ And then we work backwards from there. It’s so important to constantly be thinking about how we can make things even better for our customers.”

“We’ve had customers who have been with us for over ten years, and they’re still just as excited about our products as they were when they first started using them. That’s the power of having raving fans!”, says Jeo.

For those in the know, our customer support is hard to beat. But what about you? Are you looking for customer service like this? Are you ready to make the change to a great, web-based, feature packed library management system like Liberty? Contact us and one of Softlink IC’s Sales staff will share more.