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10 Advantages of Softlink’s Cloud Hosting for Your Liberty & illumin Systems

We at Softlink IC believe hosting your Liberty or illumin system with us is a hassle-free, cost-effective option. To convince you, we list 10 advantages, grouped into three categories that highlight the benefits of hosting your cloud-based library management and research management systems with us.

Strategic Value

The strategic advantages of Softlink’s cloud hosting include:

  1. Data collection, storage, and analysis are less expensive than expanding your organization’s capabilities. No need to go to the expense of sourcing upgraded hardware as your space needs increase beyond current capacity.
  2. Easier disaster recovery because your data is managed and stored offsite.
  3. Saving you and your organization time and money in the long term with no detrimental impact. It gives you a competitive advantage.


Softlink’s cloud hosting enhances efficiency in the following ways:

  1. Enabling your staff and users to work outside of the “office” using mobile devices anywhere, anytime, with enough internet speeds to support the system.
  2. Automatic software updates ensure you use the latest version of your Liberty system and reduces the chance of security breaches.
  3. No need to factor in down time, book your IT or find time yourself to complete upgrades. We set your updates to run automatically.
  4. Saves you time because you no longer will you need to take the time to ensure your data is secured as is always the case when you replace your hardware.

Scalable, Dedicated Space

Softlink IC customers using cloud hosting can expect:

  1. The secure storage of their valuable data in a dedicated space.
  2. More efficient and effective scalability for your library and research systems and data use as needs expand and demands on your system change.
  3. As your data increases, our MKR option provides you with additional, cost-effective storage ‘in the cloud’.

Hosting Your Library and Research System is the Future!

Did you know that in 2017, the United States federal government signaled the end of reliance on homegrown servers in government agencies in favor of cloud computing? It is one of many organizations, in many countries, from private, public, and non-profit sectors to do so. They are all looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency and flexibility. Take advantage of the advantages that come with Softlink’s cloud hosting option.

Find out more about hosting your Liberty and illumin systems with Softlink IC. Our Customer Support team will be happy to help.