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Alpacalypse! Wild Alpacas Spotted in Libraries and Research Management Centers!

That’s right, you herd it here first! Wild alpacas have been spotted in libraries and other businesses across the UK, US, and Australia, with reported sightings increasing every week!

Reports indicate the alpacas are on a mission. A mission to spread the word of a research management system named illumin.

Naturally, we did not take these reports at face value. We needed to do some fact-checking. We finally found a reliable source. To protect our source’s privacy, we will only use their first name – Alex. Alex agreed to be interviewed, and what we learned is exciting.

Alex enlightened us on the knowledge and research management system known as illumin, and its potential to manage the research load for knowledge center staff of all types. In particular, Alex mentioned consulting, management, and legal firms as well as academic and research institutions.

Alex the Alpaca with bling

In this article, we reveal some of what Alex had to say about illumin and what it can do for knowledge centers!

Who is Alex the Alpaca, and What is illumin?

Alex is the mascot for the illumin knowledge management system, produced by Softlink. Alex has a lot to say about the issues research managers face daily.

Alex using illumin to avoid research problems

But it doesn’t have to be this way, according to Alex, who says illumin is packed with the most amazing features such as:

  • A customizable interface
  • Customizable request forms
  • A brilliant dashboard
  • Securable access
  • Flexible analytical reporting
  • Centralized tracking
  • Automated messaging and notifications
  • Data security
  • A knowledgebase

And that’s just a few of them, but you get the idea!

Alex gave us this link for more information. Don’t worry, we’ve checked it out, and it’s a valid source.

If illumin is What You Need

What are you waiting for? Alex suggests you contact Softlink today and request a demonstration for your knowledge center or business. You won’t be fleeced!