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Our Liberty and illumin APIs Make Liberty and illumin do the Work

Integration, automation, and positive user experiences is the aim of Softlink IC’s Web Services APIs. They enable integration of your existing complementary systems and resources with Liberty and illumin. Both solutions have a full API to ensure your library achieves a greater return on investment.

What is an API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface used to program software to interact with an existing application.

Our Liberty and illumin APIs allow Liberty and illumin users to access and build on the data and functionality of an existing application. An application such as your library management or research management system.

Our APIs work with our web services architecture. They ensure our solutions deliver a powerful web presence for our users and theirs!

Why Does a Library System Need APIs?

Do you want all the systems in your organization to talk to each other? If so, APIs can make this happen!

APIs make it easy to access information from a variety of platforms and accessible in your knowledge center or library. It puts the information at users’ fingertips.

Advantages of our APIs


We created our API to provide Liberty and illumin users with a solution helps you integrate with other solutions in your organisation.

Staff in libraries and knowledge centers can now automate and integrate processes. It frees them to deliver more value-added services.

Library staff no longer need to be ‘gatekeepers’, or ‘roadblocks’ to easy information access.

Integration and Personalization

Our API facilitates integration between Liberty and illumin and other platforms used in your organization. Library users can:

  • Access information in more ways.
  • Help themselves.
  • Contact you more easily than ever before.

All done within Liberty and illumin.

Less Need for Technical Intervention

Our Liberty and illumin users complete hundreds of processes every single day. Our Liberty and illumin APIs allow them to streamline operations.
They remove the need for staff to use multiple services for different uses. As a result, there are fewer technical complications. Staff also don’t need to gain the technical skills required to resolve issues.

Our Web Services API

The web is the window to your library. For our Liberty and illumin users, their presence is enhanced by our Web Services APIs.

In Liberty

The API allows your website or intranet to integrate with different functions from your catalog including:

  • Searching the catalog.
  • Viewing and renewing loans.
  • Accessing borrower information.
  • Reservations.

You can also integrate with many other areas in the LMS.

In illumin

The API enables you to integrate with your website or intranet users to:

  • View and access your knowledge base.
  • Make requests.
  • Check on the status of their requests.

Do you need more information on Liberty and illumin? Do you want to find out more about how our Liberty and illumin APIs will give you and your users a positive experience? Click here to contact us. It’s as easy as using our solutions!