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Liberty Link: The Key to a 24/7 Library in Your Pocket

screenshots of Liberty link mobile app

In today’s digital era, libraries are adapting to new technologies to enhance their services and user engagement. Softlink IC’s mobile app Liberty Link is designed to provide easy access to your Liberty catalog directly from your mobile device.

Liberty Link is available at no extra cost with the Liberty and it can change how your users and library staff interact. It allows access to library services such as reservations, loan renewals, and exploring digital resources with ease. For staff, it streamlines tasks such as check-outs, returns, and inventory management. As an extension of Liberty, Liberty Link makes the library experience user-friendly and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Here are 7 Essential reasons to implement Liberty Link mobile app:

1. Functionality for Library Staff at Your Fingertips: Liberty Link boasts a comprehensive suite of features from circulation and resource searching, to weeding and stocktake or inventory functions for staff, the app enhances backend operations, contributing to the library’s efficient functioning.

2. Easy Setup: Liberty Link is built for smooth integration with existing Liberty systems, with users easily able to configure and setup the app with your library using a QR Code.

3. Catalog Enrichment with AI Enhance: AI Enhance allows staff to easily update a catalog entry by simply photographing documents or abstracts, enhancing resource discoverability and user experience.

4. Round-the-Clock Accessibility: Liberty Link allows 24/7 access to library services, on the go. This accessibility, coupled with a user-friendly interface, means resources are always within reach for your users.

5. User Empowerment: The app empowers users by enabling self management of library interactions, from loan renewals to reservations, and even self-checkout of books.

6. Future-Proofing Library Services: Liberty Link continuously evolves with updates from user feedback and technological advancements, with the latest version including new features such as NFC scanning, and digital collections.

7. Data-Driven Insights: Once your users are using Liberty Link, you can run usage reports, providing insights into user behaviors. This data is invaluable for libraries to optimize their collections and tailor services to user needs more effectively.

For those interested in learning more about how Liberty Link can transform your library services, our recent webinar offered a deep dive into its features and benefits. We invite you to watch the recording to discover everything Liberty Link has to offer. If you’d like help implementing Liberty Link, our team at Softlink IC is here to help.