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The Softlink IC #gotknowledge2020 Survey Closes Soon!

The Softlink Information Centres #gotknowledge2020 survey, designed to get to know you and our library sector even better, opened in early April.

We have been delighted with the response we have received over the last 8 weeks. To all of you, who have already completed our survey, thank you!

The survey closes on July 15th. We hope we can convince a few more of you to complete the Softlink IC survey. The more we learn from each other, the better prepared we will all be. We seek to learn more about:

  • How you work.
  • What you do well.
  • Anything that could be improved.
  • What is your wish list in an ideal world?

We understand you are busy, but if you haven’t yet completed the survey and can spare us 10 minutes of your time, we would greatly appreciate it.

The Purpose of our Survey

Softlink IC has always sought to gain further insight into the library sector. It thrives by managing changes and challenges. It has always kept an eye on emerging trends and embraced new opportunities to deliver innovative knowledge services.

We believe the best way to gain even deeper understanding of our sector is to ask those at the coalface. You are our trusted, primary source!

Our survey is designed to give you a voice. We ask you to let us know what you do, think and suggest. We are interested, and so too are other knowledge workers.

The #gotknowledge2020 survey will gather important statistical information such as:

  • Staffing, resource, and budget levels.
  • How you market your services.
  • The services you currently deliver, what services you would love to provide.
  • Your opinion on the trends you believe will affect the information industry.

We would love it if you could share this survey link with your colleagues and we thank you in advance for your participation.

What Will we do With the Responses?

We will analyze all the information you provide us with to produce a benchmark report. The report will identify what we all do well, what needs improving, and what you believe the future holds.

We will then share the findings with you all. Be assured we will protect your personal and organizational details. For those who have provided us with an email address we will send the report to you directly.

For those who preferred not to provide us with an email, the downloadable report will be available on our website later.