The Softlink Scoop – Edition 21/2018

A weekly round up of library and information centre news and opinions from around the world.

The 20 Most Important Tech Inventions of the past 100 years

Check out the images of the 20 most important inventions of the 20th century from the refrigerator to penicillin, from the jet engine to the personal computer and mobile devices!

The Guardian UK’s article on “heroic bibliophiles”

The Bodleian Libraries’ announcement that they were displaying their restricted section, is reported in the Guardian UK’s Sian Cain on the 8th of November. As she notes, history is littered with examples of librarians actively protecting the peoples’ right to information without censorship, sourcing books and material that was banned at the time. Some librarians have done despite the possibility of harm or death. While many librarians are familiar with some of the examples provided by the author, the examples would be not familiar to even the most avid of library users and supporters never mind those who do not.

World Antibiotics Week

November 12-18th is World Antibiotics Week. The World Health Organisation’s website provides information, an interactive platform on learning how to handle antibiotics with care and advocacy material such infographics and posters.

Useful trivia titbit

While many of you may not have been around in 1971, many of us were. We were right in the middle of the personal computing revolution that has seen many workers, not just library workers, paddling madly as the learning curve got higher and higher!

But, for those who remember – 1971 was the year Alan Shugart and a team of IBM engineers invented the “floppy disk”. The disk allow data to be shared among computers.




Liberty Knowledge, Content and Library Management System

Liberty enables vital information to be discovered and delivered anywhere, anytime through modern digital devices. Liberty combines advanced functionality with ease of use.

illumin Knowledge and Research Management System

illumin is the perfect tool for knowledge and research management as it collects, records, quantifies and précis’s queries and answers provided to staff and clients. The knowledge base becomes a comprehensive, audited database of relevant information that can be easily shared.

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