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Tips and Treats – Craft a Carousel

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Published December 30, 2021

Last, but by no means least, we come to the fourth and final blog in our Tips and Treats series. In this series, we’ve looked at changes you may have been meaning to do for a while, followed by a holiday treat. The holiday period, when many of your users are on a short break, is a great time just do them!

The first three blogs gave you tips on simplifying your Liberty library’s search box, creating a custom search, and offered topic suggestions for a vibrant video.

So, for our final tip, how about crafting a carousel with some great reading suggestions for your holidaying library users before treating yourself?

Craft a Carousel

A holiday reading carousel is like a wondrous, whirling collage of suggested titles. If you’ve created a holiday reading list, or popular items list, how about displaying those items on the list as a carousel.

Creating a carousel information box of holiday reading suggestions is easy. Simply add an information box and:

  • Make sure you select the carousel option.
  • Choose from the many customization options from banner to background color.
  • Select the applicable search type, then select your search term or reading list.
  • Decide on the maximum number of resources to whirl around in the carousel.
  • Don’t forget to save.

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How easy is that! Even better, your users will not need to browse by lists and select the holiday reading list. All the reading suggestions are right there in the carousel when they access the library’s homepage.

Need Help?

Been a while since you created a carousel for your library Homepage? There’s a help guide that steps you through the process. Alternatively, you can always contact one of our friendly Support team members here. You can also call them, or log into the Client portal and use the live chat option!

Job Done, Now for a Treat!

Now, as a treat for a job well done, here is a recipe for a festive drink. After all, we all deserve a treat as we come to the end of a busy year.

Whether you choose a cocktail or a mocktail, enjoy!

Bauble - Christmas

Christmas - Bauble