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Why Librarians and Harry Potter Have a Lot In Common

Just like Harry Potter, librarians can’t keep their secret any longer. For all they walk among us in normal clothes and keep a low profile between the stacked shelves of your local library, they can’t hide the truth any longer.

Librarians are superheroes

Yes, you read that right. Librarians are heroic. They might not have phoenix-feather wands or a Nimbus 2000, but librarians are every bit as powerful as Harry Potter and the gang. Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the things that your local librarian has in common with this Hogwarts hero and his friends.

Librarians have powerful secrets

Wander into any library and you’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by the amount of material you can see or access in your local library. Where is that textbook, the electronic article or e-resource you need? There is one person who knows or will find the answer. Just like Harry Potter, librarians have plenty of secrets, and you just need to know the right questions to ask.

They can take you anywhere in time and space

Looking to explore ancient Greece this weekend, or would you rather journey to the cold climes of Viking Europe over winter break? How about traveling across the USA, or venturing into the haunted St Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, for Halloween this year? Wherever you want to go, librarians have you covered–and they don’t need fancy spells or charms to get you there.

Librarians have superhuman personalities

From organizing a library full of physical material and tools to access the curated e-resources, to answering countless questions or helping you understand the complexity of some digital tools, librarians need stamina, passion, and skills. Becoming a librarian is as hard as graduating Hogwarts, and it’s not a job for just anyone.

They’re always there for you

No matter how busy they are, or how much they have to do, librarians always make time for students and readers in need. They provide safe spaces and fight for the right of everyone to have access to information — no wonder Hermione is so fond of them!

They’ll help you solve puzzles

Librarians excel at keeping things organized and finding answers to problems. Whether you’re battling an exam or reading through your town’s history, librarians have you covered. Harry Potter might be a superhero, but even he needs librarians to help him find what he needs in the maze that is the Hogwarts library.

Librarians don’t need spells or fancy wands. With the right library management software, they have all the tools they need to answer every question, find any book, campaign for any cause, and take readers to wherever in the world they want to go. Seems pretty heroic to us!