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4 Reasons Why Dashboards are Critical to Business

illumin dashboard
Published January 29, 2021

Dashboards are an increasingly essential data visualization management tool. They can be customized to visually display data applicable to different departments and segments of a business. Dashboards are an objective way to measure business requirements from tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) to the status of current tasks to ensure required outcomes are achieved.

Do the software tools used in your business have a dashboard feature?

Benefits of a Dashboard in Research Management Systems

For research teams using illumin, Softlink IC’s research management software, the display of a personalized dashboard on login is hugely beneficial. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the key metrics and status of their allocated research tasks.

Here are our 4 top reasons why a dashboard is indispensable in the management system used by researchers and for the organizations they serve.

1. A Visual Representation of Data

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s essentially what a dashboard is.

Researchers managing requests need to be on top of their request workload from the minute they are logged, to how their research work is progressing, any obstacles to completion, and those that have been successfully completed.

For them, a dashboard is a critical time saving tool. It provides that “at a glance” snapshot of their workload and its current status.

2. Customized View of Applicable Data

Dashboards are highly and easily customizable graphical displays of data with a drill down facility for researchers, team leaders, and managers. Research staff using illumin can in a few steps design their dashboard to display data critical to them including:

  • The request numbers.
  • The research requester.
  • The date created.
  • Each request’s priority – priorities can be color coded to provide greater impact on the dashboard.
  • The method by which the request was received.
  • Which researcher is assigned which research requests (if they can see a team dashboard view).
  • The status of the research request they are working on at any given time.

The customized dashboard of a Research Manager provides an overview display of team data:

  • Number of requests allocated to each researcher.
  • Quality of research undertaken – what reference sources and number of sources were used.
  • Identifying KPI achieved by team members.

3. Objective Performance Indicator

Dashboards provide an objective view of performance. For Research Managers, their dashboard can include:

  • The number of tasks assigned to their research team members.
  • The types and priorities of tasks received by the team.
  • The status of each of the tasks.
  • The time spent to complete their tasks.
  • On-going uncompleted research tasks.

Dashboards for both Research Managers and their team members are an objective method to quickly identify issues including inadequate staffing levels due to increased workloads, resource collection requirements, and possible training requirements.

4. Business Intelligence

Dashboards give a clear indication of actionable insights that Research Managers can provide to their organization’s decision makers. Take law firms for example. Department managers and partners need to be informed of the types of cases brought into the firm and what they indicate:

  • Is there a change in the types of cases being worked on?
  • Do the types of cases indicate an emerging market for the firm’s services?
  • Does this suggest a real need for further market research or a reskilled legal team?

Does Your Research Center Software Have a Dashboard Feature?

Dashboards are an essential tool in an era of data and metrics. They can be customized to suit the business needs and objectives of researchers. They provide an instant view of tasks now! The dashboard of the Research Managers can quickly assess researcher performance and deliver the data needed by management on the research that assists the business.

Softlink IC’s illumin and its dashboard feature can only benefit your organization. Contact us here to learn more.