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5 New Features Covered in our Latest illumin Recording

illumin new features screen
Published September 24, 2021

Softlink IC continues to include enhancements and features, many of which are driven by great suggestions from our illumin customers.

To give our users a look at some of the new features included in the latest two illumin releases, we have released a new recording. It’s always better to have someone demonstrate new features, isn’t it!

You can access the recording by logging on to the Softlink IC YouTube channel or log on to the Customer Portal.

Here’s a quick overview of 5 new features research staff will be delighted to find in the latest illumin version releases.

Request Management Enhancements

Here’s two enhancements in the Request Management area that will be popular with research staff:

1. In the Advanced Request Search, the overdue and almost overdue requests are now highlighted for clear identification. The default colors used for those requests, and the time setting for when they should display, can be customized, as much of illumin can be.

2. Predictive search works much better for some fields. This means finding and adding a researcher to a request form is much quicker! One field we’ve identified as benefitting from changing to predictive search is the Assigned to field.

Analytical Reporting Enhancements

The ability to run analytical reporting within illumin is a popular feature. There have been some enhancements to this area as well, including these two:

3. Tags added to requests by researchers can now be selected by staff for inclusion on analytical reports they run.
4. The option to include a Date and Time custom field data in analytical reports.

The enhancements mean staff can include more granular and complex levels of information in the reports they design and run.

Requester Rating and Comments Option

We have included a neat little option for requesters that can be activated for use by authorized research staff.

5. A rating and comments option can be included on requests. Requesters can then complete rating and comment details that will be automatically emailed to the researcher.

These five new features will be available to our illumin customers who have upgraded to the latest two versions. For illumin users who are hosted, the upgrades are always completed automatically. For those who are not, and need assistance, just contact our amazing Support team.

As with every upgrade, there are release notes explaining the new features and there are help guides accessible in illumin itself.

Interested in learning more about illumin? Just contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and show you how illumin will make your life as a researcher in your organization so much more efficient and cost effective!