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Alex the Alpaca Has His Own Instagram Account

Alex the Alpaca with an Instagram icon
Published September 16, 2021

We all know the feeling. That temptation to give in to a child who keeps bugging you about getting something they want. Whether it’s sweets, a new bicycle, or a mobile phone with all the bells and whistles, the nagging won’t stop before they get it, or you are fit to be tied. For the sake of peace, you give in, and so it has come to pass for our illumin representative, Alex the Alpaca. Yep, we at Softlink IC gave in.

Despite knowing that as we did, the rod for our backs may get heavier with every passing year, it’s done. The never-ending demand of the increasingly big-headed Alex the Alpaca for his own Instagram™ page is now a reality. He is so vain that any opportunity to have his photos displayed is a must, and no doubt his Instagram page will allow him to indulge in that particular… hobby.

Of course, Alex now thinks he will get so many followers, he can use that to up the ante. Next thing we know he’ll be expecting to be appointed Chairman of the illumin board. Well, that’s just not going to happen. We realize the task in front of us now is to manage Alex’s expectations into the future.

Alex has promised that he will use his page for good. He swears it is a vital business tool for him. One that will enable him to do even more, as Softlink IC’s roaming ambassador for, and authority on, research. Perhaps his interpretation of authority is a little loose. We remain sightly dubious but do love his enthusiasm.

He has reassured us that he will post:

  • Interesting snippets about knowledge centers and the research they do.
  • Fun photos (presumably of himself).
  • Some top tips and predictions from his research librarian contacts.
  • Any feature in illumin he has taken a big shine to and why.
  • More fun photos of himself.

For the moment, we will indulge Alex in his endeavors.

Alex also reminded us he is becoming an expert on Liberty, our integrated library management system (ILMS) as well. So, he may use his page to give our customers tips and tricks every now and then. Wonder if it is a ploy to get another Instagram page for that? We do appear to have created a bit of a monster.

Anyway, check out Alex’s page and follow him. You know we’ll be blamed if he doesn’t get the avalanche of followers he is expecting. It would not occur to him that it could possibly be his own fault, right? Kids, or should we say alpacas; who’d have ‘em?

If you’d like to know more about illumin, our knowledge management system, than what Alex the Alpaca has managed to put up on his page this far, we have a Plan B. We suggest you contact us. One of our great Support team members or sales staff will be happy to answer your questions. Alternately, you can book a short demo here.