Does research leadership = competitive advantage in an info bulge era?

As early as the 1980’s strategists like Porter and Miller were linking information with competitive advantage.

Researchers in law firms, consultancies and multiple other fields are trawling a growing bulge of information to provide their clients with the material they need to convert information into case, business or project intelligence for competitive advantage.

It’s a specialist skill that researchers have mastered, and continue to master, pre and during the info bulge era.

So why are so many research leaders struggling to get the kudos they deserve?

VUCA business environments demand we get more from less. Efficiency has never been so pivotal. Every second counts and if you can’t provide evidence of, or promote your value, no one else is going to take the time to see it (your manager is too busy dealing with their own VUCA environment).

So how do you improve your efficiency? How do you report on your activity? How do you showcase your value?

illumin is a tool specifically designed to help research leaders solve this problem, without changing the way they already interact with requestors.

The following two case studies explore how illumin is helping different research leaders solve their duplication and efficiency problems and shine a light on their value of their research.

Sullivan & Worcester
Appraisal Institute

If you would like further information about illumin please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – communications@softlinkint.com – or find additional resources on by filtering on knowledge management on the Resources page of our website.

Nikki Curtis
Softlink Director of Marketing

Porter, M.E., and Millar. V.E. (1985). How Information Gives You Competitive Advantage. Harvard Business Review, From the July 1985 Issue.



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illumin Knowledge and Research Management System

illumin is the perfect tool for knowledge and research management as it collects, records, quantifies and précis’s queries and answers provided to staff and clients. The knowledge base becomes a comprehensive, audited database of relevant information that can be easily shared.

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