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The First North American Online Liberty User Group Meeting a Fantastic Success

Face-to face gatherings are preferable to many of us. However, the current health crisis means holding meetings and conferences in the traditional way is not possible. Fortunately, today’s technologies give us alternative ways to hold successful meetings. Last week, Softlink IC’s Online Liberty User Group Meeting was one such example.

The success of our first North American online Advanced Training and User Group Meeting (UGM) was gratifying. The event was longer and more interactive than our regular one-hour virtual meetings. Over 45 users participated in a fun and informative three-hour event.

The afternoon started with advanced training from Maida Rubin, our Customer Community Manager. Maida covered Cataloguing and other advanced features of particular interest to our Liberty users. Everyone received a bingo card to follow during the session.

The Softlink variation of the bingo card used words, not numbers. Maida used all of the words during her training presentation. As Maida spoke, attendees marked off any matching words on their bingo card. The first person to cross off a full line of words won a prize.

We had a clear bingo winner with at least four or five “players” very close behind. Luck does play a part based on the word placement on the cards, but evidence suggests everyone was paying attention in the training session!

After a short break, more information sessions and a game of trivia followed.

James Martin, Softlink IC’s Development Manager talked about the Softlink IC 2020 roadmap. He provided an overview of the development work currently in progress. The reaction to features the development team are working on was very positive. The attendees are looking forward to the future releases.

Trivia proved lots of fun with a trick question relating to Will Roper’s birthday. Will is one of our US Support Representatives so, needless to say, no one got that answer right! The winning score was 7/8 so a great effort given the birthday question!

Our COO, Sarah Thompson discussed Softlink IC’s now open #gotknowledge2020 survey. She noted the responses will be analyzed and a report compiled. We will share it with those who provided an email address. We believe the report will give us all a deeper understanding of the current state and future of the knowledge sector.

Sarah also discussed the 2020 plans and events. We will continue to offer VUGMs and training opportunities throughout 2020.

Almost everyone stayed right to the end. It was great to know the response and interaction at our online meeting was a positive experience for everyone. The event recording will be available shortly to those who log into the customer portal.

Softlink IC would like to thank you all for joining us and making it a great way to spend the afternoon. We look forward to delivering the event again next year.