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Haven’t Seen Liberty Lately? Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s New

Published February 18, 2021
Like libraries, Liberty, Softlink IC’s integrated library system (ILS) doesn’t rest on its laurels. There’s always new features and enhancements to be added to stay ahead of the game. If it’s been a while since you looked at Liberty, here’s a sneak peek at what’s new!

Liberty Link Mobile App Enhancements

The Liberty Link mobile app is popular for both library users and staff. It has been around for quite a while, but our Liberty users are loving the recent enhancements.

Using their mobile device, library staff can now also stocktake and weed. But the piece de resistance is the AI Enhance feature.

With AI Enhance, staff can use their mobile device to simply photograph a block of applicable metadata. It could be a page or table of contents in a selected resource. With the click of a button the data photographed is “transferred” into the resource record. No mess, no fuss, no manual data entry!


Liberty has always come with hundreds of reports by default. The relatively recent inclusion of an Analytical Reporting feature has given library staff the option to design their own reports. This allows for a more granular view of statistical data. Library staff also love the option to display data in text or graph form.

It is now very easy to schedule both standard and staff-designed reports to run automatically and send to a predetermined staff member. Just set and forget!

Smart Serials

Managing serials is even easier with our Smart Serials enhancements that include:

  • A wizard to guide Serials staff through creating the serials record.
  • Comprehensive choice of volume, issue, and year prediction templates.
  • Same-page view of holdings, predictions, and subscriptions information.
  • Simplified bulk weeding of serial volumes and copies.
  • Smart navigation option between serial issues.
  • Easy removal of subscriptions and associated interests via the serial Details screen.
  • Easier management of copy assignment changes and skipped claims.

It was an instant hit with Liberty users!

Home Page Enhancements

The library Home page has been a popular feature with our Liberty library staff, but the additional features have taken it to a whole new level! Staff can now:

  • Design the library Home page to reflect their corporate colors and logo using the setup wizard.
  • Personalize the users’ Home page that displays when they log in.
  • Create custom search tabs.
  • Customize the layout of information boxes to make the Home page more attention-grabbing.

Massive Knowledge Repository (MKR)

In an era of increasing digital information, space on your server can become problematic. Softlink IC has solved that problem with our MKR module.

It is a cost effective and efficient way to secure more “blocks” of space on our security protected servers. No need to buy a new server or argue for more space on your organization’s servers.

How Do You Find Out More?

That’s easy. Take a look at our short video on what you’ve missed since you last took a look at Liberty. To learn more about what’s new with Liberty, just contact us or book a demo on the features and enhancements that really caught your eye.