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I Never Knew I Could Do That!

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Published May 7, 2021

The Liberty library management system is feature and functionality packed. So much so that many of these features can slip your memory! So we thought a few tips and reminders of a selection of time saving and effective functionality might be useful!

We will cover Serial predictions and check-ins, self-service using the Liberty Link mobile app, budget and order tracking, and retrospective cataloguing using Z39.50. And remember, if you need help on how to complete the various processes available, either check the applicable guide in the Help interface, or contact your favourite Softlink Support person!

1. Serial Predictions and Check-ins

Are you using the Serials module to its fullest? Did you know you can:

  • Use a dedicated Serials Search option to find the serial resource you need.
  • Choose from a variety of Volume, Issue, and Year prediction templates.
  • Use the wizard to step you through the process of creating the component and subscription elements of your serial.
  • Navigate between Serial issues “smartly”.
  • Easily remove subscriptions and associated interests via the Serial Details screen.
  • Easily manage copy assignment changes and skipped claims.

If you need assistance using your Serials module, or you use Liberty Lite but would like further information on the advantages of having the Serials module, click here to contact a Softlink IC Support representative.

2. Staff Functions via the Liberty Mobile App

Everyone knows the functionality available to their users once they load Liberty Link on their mobile devices such as:

  • Searching the library catalog – is a title held, available, on loan?
  • Checking library information such as opening hours and location.
  • Viewing the library’s latest acquisitions.
  • Checking their current loans and requests.
  • Renewing loans, placing reservations, checking alert messages.
  • Reading digital resources.
  • Accessing the detailed information of any title.

But what can staff do with Liberty Link loaded on their mobile devices? It provides options for staff to complete several tasks quickly and efficiently including:

  • Stocktake/Inventory – whiz along the shelves with your mobile device, scanning barcodes of items on the shelves. No need to haul trolleys of items to the circulation desk for scanning or popping a laptop on a trolley and lumbering around the shelves. Just you and your mobile and scan away!
  • Weeding – no longer do you need to sit at a PC, trolley of books by your side, search for the title then access the Weed option! Just scan the barcode and click Weed. Too easy!
  • AI Enhance – the best friend of library staff, especially catalogers. Using your mobile device search the required resource and photograph a block of specific metadata – a table of contents, page of text or an image. With the click of a button the metadata photographed is transferred into the resource record. Is reducing manual data entry high on your wish list? Then this is the feature for you!

3. Budget and Ordering Tracking (Acquisitions)

Get rid of those spreadsheets and start using the Liberty Acquisitions module to its fullest. You can:

Create Funds, Cost Centres and Budgets – as many or as few as you need.

  • Add the total value for each budget.
  • Be confident your order is tied to the resource record.
  • Select a budget on an order for any resource and the cost will be automatically added as a committed amount against the budget.
  • Complete an order receiving process and be confident the committed value is automatically transferred to the spent amount and the budget automatically adjusted.
  • Run budget reports at any time of the year to see your budgets’ status.
  • Transfer amounts from one budget to another.

And it’s very easy to cancel orders. For example, you may want to cancel orders a couple of months prior to the end of financial year to free up committed funds to spend on other resources, thereby maximising the year’s budget. The titles subject to a cancelled order can be re-ordered at the start of the new financial year. Did you know Liberty could do that?

There are so many advantages to using the Liberty Acquisitions module. To ask about the module, or get assistance with using it, click here to contact us.

4. Enhance Authorities on Your Resource Records

Do you have resource records that don’t include authority data? Do you want to add that data in a quick and efficient way?

Try the Enhance Authorities option. You can find it on the Details screen of your selected resource record. Clicking on the option enables you to simply select the Z-Source you want, for example Library of Congress, make any other selections applicable, then click Enhance. It could not be simpler!

Remember, if you need any help with using the Enhance Authorities feature, or any other feature for that matter, click here to contact us. In the meantime, watch out for the next installment of I Never Knew I Could Do That.

If you’d like to know more about Liberty, our library management system you can either Book a Demo or contact us here.