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Libraries and Knowledge Centers are My “Thing”. So Who am I?

Who am I? I represent Softlink IC because, like me, libraries and knowledge centers are their thing. illumin and Liberty, two fantastic information and research management systems are the results of their passion. We at Softlink IC believe libraries are a vibrant and critical part of our communities, workplaces and knowledge centers.

I’m in My Dream Job

Knowledge center staff are irreplaceable. I know, because in my role as a Softlink Information Centres representative, I see the work they do.

I also know how complicated, demanding, and valuable that work is. But working for a company that is their partner and champion is my dream job!

illumin and Liberty Helps Knowledge Specialists to Work Smart

Let me tell you why knowledge staff bring value to their communities. In brief, knowledge center and library staff:

  • Communicate with and inform their users.
  • Manage collections.
  • Catalogue & curate information.
  • Circulate information.
  • Manage research tasks.
  • Manage current awareness and reading lists.
  • Ensure the center’s Home page is engaging and personalized.
  • Assist users with new technologies.

To help with the above tasks, they need a cost-effective library management system. Some need a research and knowledge management system.  And some need both! Let me tell you about these systems.


You know how parents aren’t supposed to have a favorite? Well, neither am I.  But I’ll start by giving you a rundown on how illumin will benefit knowledge staff.

illumin is Softlink IC’s Research & Knowledge Management System, a smart choice for knowledge center staff with a substantial research load. For example, this super easy-to-use software helps with:

  • Creating research requests.
  • Allocating requests to the relevant cost center and department.
  • Prioritizing research tasks.
  • Identifying the sources used.
  • Attaching documents and files to requests.
  • Automating progress updating and research delivery to requesters.
  • Measuring research time.
  • Securing researched data.
  • Analytical reporting.
  • Building a knowledge base.

Of course, there is much more illumin can do.  But it will be easier to click HERE to find out more.


So now let me tell you about Liberty, a smart choice for an ILS. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Don’t think I can’t hear you mutter that I am biased. You may well be right. But Liberty is an intuitive, easy-to-use, customizable, cloud-based library management system.  Would I represent a company with mediocre product offerings? Certainly not, that would reflect poorly on me!

To clarify, Liberty helps knowledge staff with:

  • User record management.
  • Budget management.
  • Acquisitions.
  • Collection management.
  • Asset management.
  • Cataloguing and curating resources.
  • Circulation functions.
  • Automated notifications.
  • Data security.
  • Analytical reporting.
  • Services marketing.
  • Front and back-end look and feel customization.
  • Giving users access 24/7 with the Liberty Link mobile app.

There is also a lot more Liberty can do for staff, and you may click HERE to find out more.

As a result of these features, you’ll find both illumin and Liberty used across the globe.  They are used by organizations ranging from the largest of multi-branch law firms to single branch non-profit organizations. Let me assure you, they combine the latest technology with ease of use and affordability. They will also be your partner as you adapt, grow, and innovate to deliver the services your users expect, or my name’s not…

Who am I?

So have you guessed who I am yet? Yes! I’m Alex the Alpaca, your trusted Softlink Information Centres representative. Of course, I’m not as old as Softlink, but they have been around for years. Over 35 years, in fact.

You can ask me, our Sales team, or our acclaimed Support team, anything about illumin or Liberty by clicking HERE to contact us.