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Lowdown on Lockdown Task Opportunities

Interesting times! Many in the knowledge sector are working from home. Some are still working in their libraries and knowledge centers where limited foot traffic is the current norm.

Softlink IC understands you are still busy providing resources services to your users during the lockdown. The need for resources and information services has not stopped. In fact, for many of you, the need for information and research services has increased.

But you may have some time to catch up on tasks you have put off until “tomorrow”. So, if you have some time, we have a few lockdown task suggestions.

Use the Borrower Bulk Email Feature

Have you used Liberty’s Bulk Email feature? It is a great “mass communication” tool. You can create a number of different information templates then send a message in bulk to all, or a pre-selected group of your library users. You can create templates on, for example:

  • Changes to library access.
  • Changes to lending and returning options.
  • New ways to contact the library staff.
  • Equipment now available for loan.

Easy and efficient! The available Help guide is accessed by clicking the Help ‘?’ icon.

Renewing Items Currently on Loan

Do you have loan items due for return after the library closed? You may have already:

  • Renewed your borrowers’ current loans.
  • Advised your borrowers to renew their loans via their My Portal screen.

Have you considered regularly updating your users on changes to lending options available to them? Another great lockdown task is to spread the word by using an information box on your library Home page.

Take Advantage of Liberty Link

Have you promoted the benefits of the Liberty Link mobile app to your users? It enables them to access the library’s Home page, search and self-help options, and readable documents are via their mobile devices.

Encourage your users to download Liberty Link. Include the instructions in an information box or via a bulk email. It puts the library in the palm of their hand anytime, anywhere!

Review your Lending Rules

Will your lending rules change in the near future? This includes:

  • The number of resources that can be borrowed change.
  • The length of time resources can be kept.
  • The number of e-resources a user can download at any one time.
  • An increase or decrease to the number of renewals.

If so, edit your lending rules now. To access the available Help guides click the Help ‘?’ icon.

Review Authority Terms

Why not take some time to review your Authority Terms. You could:

  • Verify the terms you wish to utilize.
  • Clear out any invalid or incorrect records.
  • Merge any duplicate authority terms.
  • Add a more complete thesaurus structure to existing basic authority terms.
  • Review and edit, if applicable, any user-defined authorities.

To access the available Authorities’ Help guides, click on the Help ‘?’ icon.

Redesigning the Library Home Page

If you have been looking for an opportunity to make changes to your Home page, now may be the perfect time to ensure you have:

  • Updated your organization’s corporate colors or logo.
  • Included updated information on how to access the library services.
  • Amended the organization’s policy on workflows during this time.
  • Added Subject lists you want to provide to your users.
  • Created the Custom Searches you want to set up.
  • Personalized the Home page for logged in users.
  • Added new training videos or updated existing ones.

To access the relevant Help guides, click on the Help ‘?’ icon.

Binge on our Training Webinars, New Version, and VUGM Recordings

You may like to catch up on our digital training videos. If so, they are available on our Support portal. Just click here.

You can also access the Virtual User Group Meetings and New Version recordings when you log into the portal.

Get to know the Analytical Reporting Module

Have you taken advantage of the Analytical Reporting module yet? If not, now might be the time to familiarise yourself with it.

Analytical Reporting is an ideal way to accurately, and easily identify the usage of your Liberty and illumin systems. No need to use third party tools.

Use it to get important statistical information on your resources, users, and more. You can present the returned statistical information in graphical or plain text format.

You can access the available help guides via the ‘?’ Help icon.


There may be functionality in Liberty or illumin that you are less familiar with but want to investigate further. Use the help guides and release notes to inform you.

Don’t forget there are also training, boot camp, and new version recordings available for you. They let you discover, or remind you of, the fantastic features available in your Liberty and illumin solutions. These are all perfect lockdown tasks.

Remember, we are here whenever you need help. Just click here to log in to Support.