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It was New York’s Turn in our Liberty v5 Training Day Schedule

The latest Liberty training day, held in fabulous New York, proved to be one of the most well attended yet!

Seventeen librarians had registered for the training day. Some attendees flew in from Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, and Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, due to unexpected work issues, two could not attend. We hope they can attend the 2020 training day.

Maida Rubin, Softlink ICs’ Customer Community Manager and trainer extraordinaire remarked,

“It was humbling to know that our Liberty users were so keen to attend the training day in New York they flew in. Everyone’s engagement with the day’s program was gratifying!”

For Maida, the icing on the cake was,

“The opportunity to meet face-to-face with people I’ve had telephone relationships with for years! That it was also wonderful to meet newer users goes without saying.”

There was a nice mix of long-time users and new staff at existing customers. The training covered back to basics and an in-depth overview of the latest features in Liberty, so everyone learned something new.

The feedback on Maida’s approach to training and enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge was unfailingly positive. Maureen Rossi, Research Services Manager at Pepper Hamilton, commented that,

“Maida was particularly helpful in demonstrating the multiple ways to generate reports and draw insight from analytics.”

Miranda Shirley, Librarian at Vedder Price, echoed the sentiment adding,

“The training was engaging and insightful. The time went so fast I was not bored at any time.”

The group discussion session also attracted many positive comments. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other and gain some insight into how different libraries use Liberty.

Maida thanks all who attended the training. It reaffirms her belief in librarians and their embracing of opportunities to learn as much as they can. Their willingness to share the unique and inventive ways they use Liberty is always a highlight. The librarians who attended the training were not the only ones who learned a lot!