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Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea Goes Live with Liberty

newsletter page showing ombudsman commission's Liberty page
Published February 18, 2022

Softlink Information Centres (Softlink IC) is pleased to announce the Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is now live with Liberty as their Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).

The Commission is focused on the delivery of good governance and quality leadership. The decision to install a world-class ILMS such as Liberty, supported by Softlink IC, reflects their commitment to sharing knowledge and information across the public sector.

Their new installation of Liberty will manage approximately 4 000 resources, including case files, annual reports, videos and images. The Commission will join other organizations in PNG who also use Liberty, including the National Research Institute, the National Judicial Services and the University of Papua New Guinea.

The implementation of Liberty as their preferred system generated an article and editorial in the bi-monthly newsletter from the Commission called ‘Wasdok Nius’. The article stated, “the system will give investigators easier access to case files and other important documents related to previous investigations”.

Additionally, the editorial recognized the changing role of libraries and librarians, in part, stating, “Libraries are an important part of a civilized and learned society … the role of the library has changed and with the advent of technology the role of a librarian now becomes more diverse … Librarians have evolved from collecting and cataloguing books to a now more information technology-based concept. Librarians are now the IT specialists, information managers, website developers and online learning experts who identify information resources and make them become online commodities”. The full edition of the newsletter is available on their Facebook page.

Softlink IC General Manager, Sarah Thompson said, “Using Liberty at the Commission will transform the way their resources are managed. A web based ILMS solution like this is the perfect way access a modern, easy-to-use system which will dramatically improves access across the regions of Papua New Guinea”.

About the Ombudsman Commission of PNG

The Commission has a vision to be a vibrant, premier institution in pursuit of promoting good governance and quality leadership in PNG. Their mission is to promote and protect the integrity of their leaders and help improve the work of government bodies. They will investigate any complaints against these government bodies to ensure there is good governance, accountability, transparency and quality leadership in the public sector.

We look forward to working with the team at the Ombudsman Commission of PNG as they continue to manage their resources now and into the future with Liberty.