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Secrets & Keyboard Shortcuts… Are You Paying Attention?

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Published January 28, 2022

If you’re baking, using shortcuts might not always result in a perfect cake.

But, for busy library staff, an integrated library management system (ILMS) with a lot of keyboard shortcuts is the way to get the results you want quickly. They make navigating to different screens and functions very efficient. Did you know your Liberty ILMS provides lots of shortcuts?

P.S. before you read on, here’s something to keep in mind… this is NOT your usual blog from the Softlink IC team! With Liberty v5.08.050 just around the corner, we thought we may give you some tips and secrets on one of our favorite features….

Keyboard Shortcuts

At the risk of mentioning something you already know, keyboard shortcuts are a great way to navigate around Liberty.

Lovely Liberty shortcut keys usually consist of two or more letters that when used, will take you to the screen you want seamlessly! The more you use them, the more shortcuts you see throughout the system.

Every day, in every way that Softlink IC can reduce the point and click tedium for you is a good thing, right! Liberty’s shortcut keys are very easy to identify. Just look for the underlined letters.

X may not be included in any of our shortcuts, but if used together with some other letters, you never know what could pop up!

In Liberty

Shortcuts are everywhere in our ILMS, so let’s remind you of some of them.

In the Management screen

Each module in the menu includes underlined letters indicating the shortcut you can type to access that area, for example:

  • CA will take you to Cataloging.
  • CI will take you to Circulation.
  • AC will take you to Acquisitions.
  • SL will take you to Serials.

And throughout the system

There are also numerous shortcuts that are common throughout different areas in Liberty. For example:

  • NE to display a list of the new resources.
  • SO to display the Sort popup where you can choose how you want the listed resources sorted.
  • AG to display the Tag Manager screen to add a tag to your list of resources.
  • RT to access the Report Setup screen to run a selected report.
  • TO – a hidden key that has no corresponding button or underlined menu option letters, but it’s very useful. If, for example, a search has resulted in a significant number of results pages, type TO and see!

As a matter of fact, no matter which module you are working in, there are shortcuts. Some are common to some screens in several modules, with functions in common. For example, SE, NE, BR and SO. Others, like BU and UU, are unique to the module or screen you are in.

Use Often!

As they say in the classics, use it or lose it! Not that we would remove shortcuts when they are such an advantage for busy library staff.

Learn and then use as many of the shortcuts regularly. Before you know it, using them will be automatic. It really will make navigating to your required function or screen quick and effortless.

Where Can You Find More on Liberty Shortcuts?

Want more information on shortcuts? In the Help screen, you can find a guide that identifies many of the shortcuts that make navigating your way around Liberty a breeze.

Liberty v5.08.050 is waiting for you now! Choose a few shortcuts right now and give it a go. You’ll love them as much as we do!