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The Softlink Scoop – Edition 07/2019

Teaching AI How to Forget

A very interesting article by Darren Shou in Wired Opinion 12/6/2019. In the article, Shou points out that AI remembers everything. In an era of privacy concerns, he argues that the next big thing will be finding a way to teach AI to forget.

The Vision for a Single Digital Presence for UK Public Libraries

The ‘Digital Transformation for UK Public Libraries: Five approaches to a ‘Single Digital Presence’’ report, jointly published by the British Library and Arts Council England, provides 5 possible options to moving to a digital platform for libraries. While such a platform has been implemented in the Republic of Ireland, deploying it in England may pose a bigger logistical challenge.

We Have Korea (and China) to Thank for the Printing Press

Apparently Gutenberg did not invent the process of creating “small metal pieces with raised backward letters, arranged in a frame, coated with ink and presed to a piece of paper”. That was actually created by a Korean civil servant called Choe Yun-ui in 1250 AD. It is suggested that the Uyghurs may have played an important role, via the Mogols, for the spread of print “technology” from East to West because they had a simple alphabet with few letters unlike the Chinese and Korean language. Gutenberg then ratchetted it up!

The Plus Fours Routefinder

The Forgotten Firsts: 10 Vintage Versions of Modern Technology website is an amusing look at the forefunners of modern technology. The Plus Fours Routefinder was a 1920’s version of a GPS. Absolute classic!


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