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What’s New in our Research Management System, illumin?

Published March 4, 2021

Like libraries, illumin, Softlink IC’s integrated research management system (RMS) doesn’t rest on its laurels. There’s always new features and enhancements to be added to stay ahead of the game. If it’s been a while since you looked at illumin, here’s a sneak peek at what’s new!


illumin’s dashboards provide an “at a glance” analysis of research tasks and metrics tracking.

Easily configurable for Research Managers and Researchers, dashboards can be set to display applicable up-to-the minute information in text and graphical format. Information that can configured to display includes:

  • The research team’s workload.
  • Open requests.
  • A team overview.
  • The top Knowledge Base articles.
  • An activity feed.

Report Sharing

With illumin’s built in Analytical Reports, staff have always been able to create, run, and save any number of statistical reports. Those reports can be designed to include, for example:

  • Database sources.
  • Requests by the time of day.
  • Number of requests by channel.
  • Requests by priority.
  • Time spent per researcher.

Now we’ve made it easy for staff to share those saved reports with your team members.

Enhanced Knowledge Base

Staff have always had the option to create Knowledge Base (KB) articles from existing requests. Now the feature has been enhanced to enable staff to easily configure the KB interface. We’ve now included category hierarchies and an advanced search option.

It is now even easier for your users to search and view researched information in the KB.

Improved Integration

Integration between illumin and Liberty has been improved with better synching of users and linking of resources.

With Knowledge Base integration, users can now search between both systems and browse categories and custom fields. It is now much easier for customers who use both systems.

Priority Task Notifications

The inclusion of a priority task notification function. This feature will ensure key staff are instantly informed of urgent requests and the Researchers important users get fast responses.

It is a key to assisting Research teams to deliver a super service!

Advanced Email Configuration

Illumin already has a powerful email integration and features such as spam checking.

But we have included even more. Email configuration options now include out of office messages based on applicable time zones and the research team’s hours.

Want to Find Out More?

That’s easy. Take a couple of minutes to view our short video, then contact us with any questions you have. Why not book a demo to get a more information on the specific features in illumin you would like to learn more about? Spoilt for choice!