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Alex the All Rounder on Softlink Hosting Customer Support Watch

Softlink IC’s Alex the Alpaca is a total all-rounder. While he is the undisputed illumin knowledge specialist, he loves taking his turn on Softlink Hosting customer support watch.

Today, Alex surveys the row of green lights on his support console – another blissful day on the Softlink help desk. Suddenly, his head pops up, and he sniffs the wind – something is wrong. He is unsure yet of what the issue could be, but something causes the wool on the back of his neck to stand on end. Suddenly, an alarm goes off on his support console.

Alex is a Quick Actor!

Alex leaps into action. He quickly scans his suite of system monitors. Excellent, all of the systems are still running. With better than 99% uptime, outages are rare. This one is a performance alert – a client’s system isn’t giving its usual speedy responses.

“I can handle this myself”, thinks Alex, deciding that there’s no need to mobilize the rest of the dedicated support herd.

“First, I just need to isolate the problem – what do the diagnostics say?” he says to himself as he taps away on his hoof-board. “Hmm – someone’s submitted 10,000 searches for ‘asfjlsaklas’ – that doesn’t seem right. I wonder what’s caused that?”

Alex muses, “Having web-cams enabled in every terminal? Mind you, ensuring the security and protecting the privacy of our clients is paramount.”

Suddenly, his face brightens as he has a realisation – “Hang on – wasn’t it ‘Bring your kid to work day’ at Lawsons’ library?” He taps away for a few seconds more, telling the server to execute those searches at a lower priority and to allow other users to take precedence.

“Right, that’s got the system under control. But a rogue 4-year old shouldn’t be able to cause this sort of issue. I’ll raise this with the development team to make sure this doesn’t happen again. As Alex dots the final “i” on his incident report, his support chat window pings.

The mystified client writes, “Hi Alex. I was just getting in touch because, for a minute there, I was having a bit of a problem with my Liberty system. But…um – it seems to have fixed itself”.
Alex smiles to himself as he chats with the client about what happened. And, because Alex is not your average alpaca, he continues to keep an eye on the row of green lights on his support console at the same time.

Alex Suggests You “Go Hosted”

Softlink hosting offers significant benefits over self-hosting. They include:

  • Excellent uptime
  • Great performance
  • Security
  • 24-hour monitoring by highly trained Softlink support staff who identify, diagnose, and fix system issues – often before you even know they exist!

To discuss whether Softlink hosting is right for you, contact Softlink at, or via your support portal – Alex is always happy to chat!